Post is a silly, fun and active boy! BUT...he needs a family who will help him relax and stay calm for the next several months and THEN let him play and be the silly, active guy he is. This boy has been hit by a car, had a bad hip and has just finished his last heartworm treatment. He is still so full of life and love and affection - if you meet him, you will immediately see that he is pretty wonderful. He needs a family who will understand that for a few months after heartworm treatment, activity is to be kept to a minimum - short walks and snuggle time - that's it. Orphans is going to pay for his hip surgery so he won't have any pain, and we really want him in his forever home at that time, so he doesn't have to recuperate at the shelter. He needs a chill lifestyle for a bit, followed by a fun and active lifestyle for the rest of his life. Please consider meeting him. You will no, doubt, fall in love.