For dogs Approved Vet Information: Ruth Helen Wolf Animal Hospital 1650 Hollister Dr. Libertyville, IL 60048 (847)634-0022 Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Sat 8am-1pm. Sun Closed Animal Medical Center of Skokie 8343 Skokie Blvd Skokie, IL 60077 (847)673-2616 Open Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm. Fri 8am-4pm. Sat 8am-3pm. Sun Closed Orphans of the Storm recommends that all adopted animals receive a health check,fecal test and heartworm test at a reputable veterinary clinic upon adoption. Please remember to update your pet's microchip information so they can be safely returned to you if lost. Simply head to for more information. For Staff use: Delete as applicable. To be performed at AMC or RHW upon adoption: Spay or Neuter - Included in adoption fee Anesthetic/aftercare - Included in adoption fee Fecal parasite testing - $_________ Heartworm/tick disease testing - $_________ Post-operative pain medication - $_________ Microchip implant - $_________ Rabies Vaccine - $_________ Distemper 6 in 1 Vaccine - $_________ Canine Influenza Vaccine - $_________ Lyme Vaccine - $_________ Pre-anesthetic blood profile - $_________ Estimated Cost: $____________ Counselor name: _____________ Customer sign:_____________ Customers will receive full vet documents/receipt upon animal collection.