I'm chilling in a foster home currently. To inquire about me or to arrange a meeting, please email Here's what Roger's foster has to say about him: He is definitely a people pleaser and enjoys the company of his humans. He has met some of our friends and family and did great, he is not shy at all just excited. He did well meeting my 5 year old nephew, Roger just forgets his size so he can easily knock him over. Roger and our dog Blue get along really well. Our dog is more dominant and Roger is more submissive, even though he's the bigger of the two, so they have a great relationship. They play tug of war a lot and can be a little wild together but they love it. He does try and play with our cat who definitely does not want any part of that but Roger gives him space and does not chase him. They have never had any issues. Roger appears to be fully house broken, we have not had any accidents and he will go by our back door when he needs to go out. He is good in the house we haven't had any problems leaving him out when we are gone. My husband and I work opposite schedules so he doesn't spend long periods alone regularly, but when he has been home for a long time he did really well. We tried to do some crate training but he was so scared of the crate he wouldn't go in the same room as it. We left it out for the first week with food and water and toys in it and he wouldn't even walk past it. He hasn't needed to use it though. He likes to chew on his toys and tear them up but has not chewed any furniture or shoes (occasionally I find my slippers in weird places, Roger likes to carry them to different parts of the house, but he hasn't chewed them). He loves playing with Blue in our backyard and playing fetch and being chased. He is very comfortable in a home setting and made himself at home right away with us. He is a great cuddle buddy and likes to lay with us and Blue when we are relaxing. We find him and Blue cuddling all the time it's very sweet. He knows basic commands and is very receptive especially when there are treats involved. He's a very smart dog and learns very quickly, we just don't have the training experience that he needs. Something we have been trying to work on with Roger that he needs some help with is jumping on new people. He gets so excited to meet new friends he jumps up and has a hard time controlling his excitement. He has improved some and definitely calms down pretty fast but needs some training for that initial greeting. He does bark in the house occasionally when he sees dogs or people outside, our dog does the same thing and gets him going but it's not excessive. He still does this playful puppy biting which has gotten better but comes out when he thinks people are trying to play with him and he's excited. We got him a small donut chew toy to replace him trying to bite our hands, and if he starts doing it we hide our hands and stop play time for that moment and that has helped. He absolutely loves going on walks and runs. We take him on long walk a couple times a day and my husband takes him running almost once a day which roger loves. He does still pull on the leash so it's hard to manage him at times. It has gotten better but he is very strong and needs help to not pull. When he sees people and other animals while out walking he gets excited and alert but is not reactive. He mostly just needs help with not pulling when it comes to walking on a leash.