Otter is very sweet and affectionate. When you scratch his back and hips, he turns his head around to lick your hands. He's also a leaner and will lean against your legs as long as you're petting him. Otter likes to jump up a lot as if he were going to give a doggy hug, but he doesn't actually make contact. It's more like (hop) "Hi! (hop) "Here I am! (hop) "Got anything for me? Then he stops hopping when you pet him or give him a toy. Speaking of toys, Otter loves them. He is excellent at playing fetch. Otter runs after the toy, picks it up, brings it back, chews it for a few seconds, drops it at your feet, and patiently waits for you to throw it again. Otter is also a good walking buddy. He walks at a brisk pace but doesn't pull on the leash. He isn't a fan of other dogs, though, so he will pull a bit if he sees another dog coming. Otter would probably do best as the only dog in his new home.