Meredith is a big fan of cuddling. She literally sits on your feet (not next to, but on) and looks up at you so you have no choice but to pet her. When you kneel down to her level, she comes right over and leans against you so you can pet her even more. She likes to give doggy kisses and when Meredith is happy, her entire body wags from side to side along with her tail. Meredith loves playing with toys. She'll happily carry one around in her mouth while she romps around the yard and plays a bit of fetch with herself. She's also learning how to play fetch with people, but she doesn't always bring the toy right back. Meredith likes to lead the way on walks and moves at a brisk pace, but doesn't pull if you're keeping up with her. Every single person she passes during her walks stops and exclaims how pretty she is, so she's sure to get compliments from her future neighbors. Meredith loves car rides, sunbathing, and watching the geese. She also appears to be housebroken.