Dharma is an absolute angel! This gorgeous brindle girl loves to take naps and snuggle up all day long. She is great with children of all ages and is very gentle when taking treats from your hand. If you toss her the treat, she'll even catch it from the air! Dharma has gone to our Hawthorn Mall Adoption Showcase multiple times and each time, she has been absolutely perfect. She loves to pick out her couch for the day, make herself a little nest, and drift right off to dreamland. Dharma loves to be loved, but sometimes she only wants love from humans. Since she can be picky about which dogs she does and does not like, anyone that is interested in adopting Dharma and that already has a dog at home will need to schedule a meet and greet. Stop on by Hawthorn Mall on the weekends or by the shelter during the week and come meet this absolute angel on Earth!