Daffodil is a sweet, snuggly girl. Every time you kneel down to her level, she comes bounding over and cuddles up next to you while you pet her. Daffodil has the best, happiest doggy smile and will smile at you the entire time you're petting her. She also likes to give doggy kisses. One of Daffodil's favorite things, though, is water. She loves jumping into the puppy pool and lays right in the middle to cool off. Then she'll come and snuggle with you some more! Daffodil prefers hanging out in the yard rather than walking, and can sometimes resist going for a walk. If you start to jog for a few steps, though, the momentum gets her going and she walks well. Daffodil is looking for a home where she can be the only pet, and would probably do best with an adult-only home as well.