Are you a German Shepherd lover looking for a new forever best friend? Sheldon is your boy then! Sheldon is the sweetest, smartest, goofiest boy around. When first meeting Sheldon introductions need to be slow and calm. New people can be overwhelming to him, so come armed with treats and soothing words. Like most GSDs, Sheldon is loyal and protective, so he likes to keep his social circles small. But once he includes you in that circle is is the most loving and affectionate boy! Sheldon LOVES to play! His favorite game ever is fetch but he also enjoys tug-a-war. Walks are his absolute favorite and he is not a big puller at all. He recently has been working on learning to walk with a Gentle Leader (head halter) and is doing fantastic. What a smart guy! Sheldon loves other dogs and is a active member of our playgroup. The little things in life really brighten his world-- like snow (He LOVES SNOW). In the warmer months, he likes to just roll in the grass and enjoy the moment. He is also EXTREMELY smart! He is already a pro at sit, down and paw (both!). He has also been practicing to master stay, wait and leave it. He would thrive in a adult only home with an experienced large breed owner, or someone willing to learn. Have anymore questions about the goodest boy Sheldon? Call and ask for a VIP appointment to meet him!