Rosco is the type of guy that may seem unimpressed when you first meet him. He has this cute "resting sad face with sweet brown eyes. Once you get to know him, you start seeing subtle signs of when he's happy. His ears perk up when he sees his favorite people, and he will get off his bed to ask for a walk! Once you take him out for a walk, you realize how calm this guy really is. He's an excellent walking partner, he really doesn't pull much at all. You'll see his shiny velvet black coat. He is the ultimate car rider - he hops right in and falls asleep right away - like a baby. You can sometimes hear him snoring! Rosco has been in 2 foster homes where we have learned a lot about him. He is house trained! He is cuddly when he trusts you, but we recommend taking that slow as he can be sensitive being touched in certain places. Rosco has some resource guarding tendencies; which means he can be protective over things he loves. This means food, and even furniture. Rosco will need a song savvy owner who will be patient, give him a routine, and teach him that he doesn't need to guard things. He is non-reactive to dogs, but we do think he will be happiest as an only pet. He is an adorable and sweet boy who will repay your patience with unconditional love and devotion.