Cleo is a little goofball. She spins in circles excitedly while you scratch her sides and back, all while making happy snorting noises. Since she's still a puppy, she sometimes gets so excited that she starts nibbling on fingers. She's a quick learner though, and calms down as soon as you turn your back to her. Cleo also likes to give doggy hugs and kisses. She has participated in a few play groups so far and seems to do well with the other dogs. Cleo alternates between being a good walking companion and thinking the leash is a tug toy. If she's distracted with sniffing scents or holding a toy, then she doesn't mind the leash. She just needs a little more training! One important note about Cleo is that she is allergic to chicken, so her new family will need to be careful with the food and treats they give her. Cleo was an owner surrender, so she has a little bit of experience living in a home and is ready to join a new forever family.