From Foster family: "Endor is an adorable and energetic little guy. He isn't shy at all, and loves nothing more than to make new friends on walks. Endor will politely and gently say hi to new dogs, but the minute he senses that he has a new buddy, he will play rough-and-tumble. He is such a people pleaser, and will drop everything to cuddle or get a belly rub. No matter the activity, Endor is down. Everything he does, he does 110% - whether it is playing, adventuring, eating, or snuggling. He loves nothing more than day of adventuring, followed by a cuddle session on the couch. One warning is that Endor loves being a lap dog. If you plan on working from home around Endor, make sure you have a comfy chair because once he snuggles up on your lap, he is not going to want to leave. Endor is pretty good on a leash, but could use a little work. He gets excited about new sights and smells, and although he doesn't pull, he has a tendency to zig zag around. He will have the occasional accident, but is 95% potty trained. Nothing that a bit of practice won't fix! He is one of the most enthusiastic dogs you will ever meet, and wants nothing more than to hang out, explore, and live life by your side."