Hi! My name is Polly Pocket, but you can call me Polly! I am a cuddly girl who smiles all the time, and will be a wonderful addition to your home. I love all humans, little kids, adults- if they've got two legs and opposable thumbs, I love em! I am potty trained, can be left home alone (just put yummy treats out of my reach, please! I can't resist!), and already know how to sit and stay! I think I would really enjoy a backyard, but I do love long walks too! Also, have you SEEN my ears?! Here is a little bit more about me... Things I love: -Looking out the window -Basking in the sun -Sniffing ALL the things on walks -Carrots, watermelon, peanut butter.. -Curling up in the shape of a bagel (another food I happen to enjoy..) -Pets, tummy rubs, ear scratches -LOTS of cuddles, but I respect personal space too! -Snoozing the day away -Long walks -People telling me how cute I am -Spending time with my hoomans! Things I am working on loving: -Rain/wind impeding on my walks -Other dogs getting up in my business (I don't love when they bark at me, but I am learning to be respectful around them!) -Cats (although, I am not sure I will ever be a cat kind of dog, if I am being honest) I am calm, cuddly, and cute as can be!