I'm chilling in a foster home currently. To inquire about me or to arrange a meeting, please email When you think of a distinguished older gentleman, think of sweet Carl. He's everyone's favorite grandpa who unfortunately found himself separated from his family. He loves to take long walks, prancing like a pony the whole way. Don't let his age fool you though, he still has a playful nature. Everyone needs a sweet senior in their life and Carl still has lots of love to give. Carl is in foster care where he gets 3 short walks a day. He walks on one side of your body with a meandering, natural pace. He likes to sniff the ground and pees on every tree and hydrant along the way. (It's doggy social media, don't ya know!) He's generally easy-going and calm, so a martingale collar is fine for him, but he will pull when he sees certain dogs. Carl is completely house-trained. He waits very patiently and will sit by the door or follow you around until you take him out! He also is even OK with his foster's cat. "(Carl) gets along fine with our bully cat! He steers clear or ignores the cat. When they have had close interactions, Carl would occasionally get intimidated and hide behind me. Never aggressive." Carl has a touch of arthritis. So he should be in a home without many stairs as they are difficult for him. His foster reports: "Carl is an amazing dog. He has so many qualities that are what every dog owner dreams! He doesn't go on any furniture (due to arthritis), he rarely barks, he is 100% housebroken, he doesn't lick and want to kiss everyone, he sleeps quietly through the night next to my bed, he doesn't jump, he doesn't steal food, he is extremely gentle taking food by hand.... Carl is accustomed to having personal space, he likes the occasional scratch or rub, but is sensitive to touch and quick movements. He is also not a playful/active dog, like playing catch or with (again-arthritis). Carl's perfect day is food, water, encouragement, meandering walks, a treat after he goes out, time to look out the window, and most of all to be with his people. He is the sweetest dog I've ever had the pleasure of caring for and you will notice immediately that Carl wants to spend as much time with you as possible. This could mean anything from following you around while you do laundry, laying next to your bed for protection, sleeping while you vacuum (and does NOT think the vacuum is his mortal enemy?), sitting outside next to you and laying in the grass while you read a book and watch the sunset. He is the one that is looking for the perfect family to adopt, because he is the perfect dog."