Tigress is a wonderful dog is playful and very energetic, still very much a puppy. She loves to play with her toys! If you throw one she happily chases after it and brings it back to you (though sometimes she likes to keep it to herself for a while). Above all, she loves to run! She is very friendly and loves people, even those she has never seen before. She likes to be near her humans at all times, except when she is sitting at the bay window, watching squirrels. She is somewhat stubborn on the leash because she likes to keep her nose to the ground. But she is eager to please and will get better with patience and more practice. She traveled all the way from Alabama to find a wonderful foster home, and now is her time to find a home of her own! She deserves a family who can return all the love she has to give! Her foster parents would love to introduce you to her with a private met and greet. To set that up, email