Ziggy loves to snuggle. He will give doggy hugs as soon as he comes out of his kennel and just wants to stand there, getting lots of pets. Ziggy always waits for the person to end the hug first because in his mind, a hug can never be too long! When Ziggy wants attention, he'll sit at your feet and look up at you expectantly until you start petting him. Ziggy enjoys playing with a variety of toys: stuffed squeakies, ropes, balls, etc. He'll happily plop down next to you and chew on a toy while you pet him. If you stop petting him, though, he'll stop chewing and poke your hand so you continue. He just wants to be close to his person! Ziggy can occasionally pull on the leash, but he's barely out of puppyhood so he just needs some extra practice. Ziggy has participated in a few play groups and gets along with the other dogs, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Come in soon to see if Ziggy is the one for you!