Annie came into the city shelter emaciated and with an injured foot. The staff there did a great job putting weight on her and her sores are going away. Now that she's here, we are trying to help her with her injuries. She was being seen by the vet to monitor her toes and she is well on her way to recovery. Annie doesn't let that slow her down though! She barely notices her foot injury and LOVES when people come to cuddle with her. Annie needs to get off the hard kennel floors and onto your soft couch to recover. Now that Annie is in a foster home she is doing so well! She has a fenced in yard, is the sole recipient of all the snuggles, and even has two teenage humans to play with. She has completely recovered from her previous foot injury and has shown us that she is house trained and knows several commands like "sit", "leave it", and "stop" along with working on "drop it", although she'd rather you chase her to get the ball from her. During the day Annie loves to run, take long walks, explore, and chase her ball. After a long day of playing she settles down with lots of cuddles, naps on the sofa and then snuggles into bed after showering her people with kisses to thank them for a fun day. She loves to play with her toys and although she may pull out a squeaker or two, she is always gentle and takes care of her toys. She loves getting new toys and loves to chew on bones as well. Her all time favorite thing to do though is go for long car rides! She lays down with a big smile on her face and enjoys all the sights. Annie does need some time to get to know new people as she can feel anxious in new situations, but with some reassurance she warms up quickly and is happy to let you take the lead. Annie is scared of fireworks and thunder and will find the smallest hiding place she can to escape loud noises so she will need someone who can be patient and reassure her that she is safe.