If you walk the kennels of OOTS, you may stop at a kennel that appears to be empty. As you look at the card and read, Dolly's sweet face will pop out from under her bed, almost as if to say, "Wait! I am here - I was just napping!" Dolly makes us laugh everyday with her under-the-bed trick. Once you take her out, she is the happiest girl, too - chasing toys, getting zoomies in the yard, and snuggling up with you on the bench. She will even bathe you in kisses if you allow it! Dolly spent some time in a foster home where she got an A+ on her report card. She's house trained and knows several commands like "sit", "leave it", and "stop" along with working on "drop it", although she'd rather you chase her to get the ball from her. She also adores car rides - what a fun passenger! She loves swimming lessons, too! Dolly comes with training support from her trainer, Manny. Potential adopters must follow her training plan as she transitions from shelter to home life.