Haruto loves toys. Stuffed squeakies, tennis balls, ropes-you name it, he'll play with it! He's about halfway to being good at fetch. Haruto enjoys chasing after toys when you throw them, but then he'll just plop down and start chewing it instead of bringing it back to chase again. If you have two toys handy, though, he'll drop the one toy to run after the next. Haruto thinks it's great fun to pull out the stuffing, too. Haruto's entire body wriggles with happiness when you pet him. It starts with his wagging tail and then goes all the way up, so even his head moves back and forth while he gives you a big doggy grin. It is adorable. Haruto also likes to give the occasional doggy hug and get his sides scratched while he's standing up next to you. Haruto is basically still a puppy, so he could use some extra training when it comes to walking nicely on the leash rather than pulling in excitement. If you're looking for a happy puppy, come in soon to meet Haruto!