Brisco is literally the best lap dog. When you sit down on the bench, Brisco will hop up to join you. He balances all four paws on your legs and then sits down so you're face-to-face, and proceeds to cover your face in doggy kisses. He eventually takes a break from the kisses and just wants to be hugged and held. Brisco can pull a bit on the leash when he first comes out of his kennel because he's excited that it's his turn, but he settles down nicely once he's walking on the trail. He likes to hop up on almost every bench you pass so you can give him more cuddles. He also already seems to know "sit. Brisco has the potential to go home with older children or other dogs, though in play group he's been very high-energy and too much for some of the dogs. He just needs to find the right buddy. Be sure to say hello to Brisco on your next visit to the shelter!