Buffy is a smart, energetic sweetheart of a doggo! In just a short time she has learned several commands (sit, stop, down, walk, out). Her favorite things seem to be chasing birds and squirrels, lounging on the back deck and patio (after chasing) and cuddling particularly after a long day of chasing and lounging. She does think that she is a lap dog although has learned to sit side-by-side and at your feet fairly well. She sleeps well in her crate and is house-trained to go out 4x a day. She is definitely a people person and wants to follow you anywhere. She loves to walk and is fairly friendly with other dogs without getting too wound up. She does not bark much except when people come to the door. The two times that she has been with a group for training she has been well behaved and pretty chill. All in all she is very appreciative of petting, brushing and after walk treats. Her foster family will miss her spirit and affection.