Achilles is a gentle giant. If you love ginormous, wrinkly faces, then you will absolutely love Achilles! But he's more than just good looks. Achilles is an easy-going guy. He particularly likes getting his hips scratched and will turn his head around to look at you as if to say, "Oh good, you found the right spot." Achilles hasn't seemed too interested in toys yet, and mostly just likes to explore the yard when he's off-leash. Achilles likes to move at a quick pace on his walks. Even though he's big and could be strong, though, he doesn't pull as long as you're keeping up with him. Achilles is already a play group regular and likes being with the calmer, gentler dogs. He politely sniffs each one in greeting but isn't too interested in actively playing. You're more likely to find him sitting at the feet of one of the people in the yard. Be sure to say hello to Achilles!