Chaco is loving life with her foster family and is ready to find her own family! They said she is pleasantly mellow and well-mannered around the house. She generally likes to be around her people, though she does fine while they're out. She mostly prefers lounging to playing, though she does enjoy brisk walks and sniffing around the yard for a while. She's gentle and tolerant with their kids, and seems to recognize which objects are hers and are okay to carry around or chew on, but doesn't show any possessiveness over her belongings. She does seem to be a little bit claustrophobic. She doesn't love being kept in a room behind a gate for long, and gets really nervous on car rides. She's also quite reluctant to go *down* a staircase, though if she's interested enough she'll carefully climb up them. This can lead to her getting stuck and needing a lift down. We suspect this six year old lady can be taught or reminded how to safely descend on her own, with some time and patience. Call the shelter to set up a meet and greet with this beautiful girl.