Chaco is very mellow, bordering on timid. He's a little confused about being at the shelter and has mastered the "sad puppy eyes look, but we know being in a loving home will cheer him up! Chaco does some exploring in the off-leash run, but always comes back to his person when you kneel down to his level. He enjoys gentle pets and will stay by your side. Chaco is perfect on the leash. He walks at a nice, easy pace and never pulls. He rarely even stops to sniff! Chaco's definitely a go-with-the-flow kind of walker. Chaco regularly attends play group and likes being with the other calmer, gentler dogs. He was also briefly sharing a kennel with another dog when he first arrived. Come in to see if you can turn Chaco's frown upside down by making him your new family member!

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