From Ivy's recent sleepover: "Ivy did perfect during her sleepover! She is so calm and quiet, I never heard her bark. I also did not notice any coughs (as was suggested I look out for by a staff member). Ivy loves walks and exploring. She does not pull but likes to steer you wherever she wants to go. Little effort was made in handling her during walks and in general. She takes a little bit to warm up to me. She eventually started cuddling and kissing me :). I noticed she had a favorite couch, the single one, which made me assume a little that she likes her space, as you can see from the photos though, she likes to cuddle and belly rubs! She seemed to like following me wherever I went. She is very alert and picks up any noises but never has barked. Ivy seems very low maintenance, she's the perfect dog! She also knows how to sit for treats. If I could come home from work to let her out, I would consider adopting her. I had a great time hopefully she gets adopted soon!!!"