Crema loves her toys so much that she even carries them in her mouth during walks. Soft squeakies, tennis balls, ropes-she's happy to have them all! Crema is also great at playing fetch. She prefers to play with a person, but she can also keep herself entertained by throwing the toy in the air herself and catching it. She may even be able to figure out how to use an automatic fetch machine in her new home because she's such a smart girl. Crema likes to lead the way on walks. She keeps up a quick pace and doesn't stop too often for sniffing. Crema doesn't pull too much if you're able to keep up with her, though. Crema participates in play groups regularly and her favorite form of play is to chase or be chased. Sometimes she gets overexcited with a lot of other high-energy dogs, but after a quick breather she settles down again nicely. If you're looking for an active dog to participate in your active lifestyle, stop by the shelter soon to meet Crema!