Hunky is a HUNK with his lean build and squishy face. Everyone that's met him has loved him, but he doesn't know what the big deal is. He's just here to play with his friends, both human and dog. When he's tired from a day of romping around, he is happy to cuddle and gets some hugs. Hunky is actually smaller in stature than he appears in pictures. He's the perfect size for cuddling, which is good news because Hunky loves to cuddle! He will cover your entire face (ears included) in doggy kisses. Hunky will also join you on the bench and likes being able to sit either right by your side or with his front paws in your lap. Hunky is a good leash-walking companion and rarely pulls. He's usually pretty mellow when he's off-leash in the yard, but gets a very occasional case of the zoomies. Hunky will watch when you throw toys and walk over to sniff them, but generally isn't interested in fetching. Hunky is a play group rockstar and has so far gotten along with every dog he's met, so he could probably go home with another dog. Be sure to say hello to Hunky on your next visit to the shelter!