Rhino has become an instant volunteer favorite. Every volunteer who has met him loves him! Rhino unfortunately got off to a bad start in life and was found tied to a tree. He's missing some fur around his neck from this, but otherwise you would have no idea he's had it rough. He is so happy, friendly, and playful. Rhino loves to give doggy hugs and doggy kisses, and appreciates receiving lots of pets in return. Rhino loves toys. He can keep himself entertained for a long time by holding a toy in his mouth and happily romping around the yard. Sometimes he'll lay down and chew on the toy for a bit, then get back up and start romping again. Rhino is also super easy to walk on a leash. He attends play group and has gotten along with every dog he's met so far. We've all seen what a gem Rhino is, and hope you'll see it too!