Max Becks is a volunteer favorite because he is happy all the time. Max Becks is also super affectionate. He loves to give doggy hugs and doggy kisses, and will gladly climb into the laps of people he just met for a snuggle session. Max Becks particularly enjoys getting his hips scratched and does a happy dance. He is in a foster family and is doing so well with the kids. He is a great leash-walking companion and already knows some basic commands like "sit. Max Becks loves toys. He prefers squeaky stuffed toys (rather than rubber or tennis balls) and will romp around the yard with one in his mouth, toss it in the air, and lie down to chew. Sometimes he likes to chew on his own, and sometimes he'll bring the toy to you and plop down next to you so he can get some loving at the same time. Max Becks also likes to play with the other dogs in play group. His favorite form of play is to chase or be chased. Stop by the shelter soon to see for yourself how lovable Max Becks is!