Spooky is the opposite of spooky! She's happy, playful, and affectionate. Spooky is excellent at playing fetch. She drops the ball or toy right at your feet and bounces on her front paws while she waits for you to throw it again. She's an active girl and only stops fetching when you stop throwing. She doesn't seem possessive of her toys and is fine with being pet while holding one in her mouth. Spooky is learning how to walk better on a leash and is doing so well. She has even learned how to sit, give paw, and lay down. Spooky enjoys getting attention and will happily stand by your side while you pet her. She so far has loved everyone she has met, kids and adults alike. She gets along with other dogs and likes participating in play groups, she's even made friends with one of the pickier dogs at the shelter! Be sure to say hello to Spooky on your next visit to the shelter!