Kibble was rescued from a hoarding situation, so he's still figuring out the best way to be a happy puppy. Since he never had anything to call his own before, he can sometimes get extra eager about food. But he's already learning that people are great for getting lots of pets! Kibble has fun times romping around the Enrichment Park, playing with a stuffed squeaky toy. He is perfectly content to chew on the toy and toss it around himself, but will also chase it when you throw it for him. Kibble likes to give his people doggy hugs. With his puppy exuberance, Kibble can sometimes pull on the leash, especially if another dog is nearby. But he's also pretty easy to re-focus. Kibble hasn't been a big fan of other dogs at the shelter so far, but coming from a hoarding situation, that's understandable that he wants his own space for once! Kibble does have the potential to go to a home with children, though. Be sure to say hello to Kibble on your next visit to the shelter!