Rudgie is an energetic boy. He loves using his Hound nose to explore all the interesting scents when he romps around the yard off-leash. Rudgie gets the occasional burst of energy where he runs a lap or two around the yard, but then settles down to more of a meandering. Rudgie is very snuggly and will happily stand by your side for as long as you keep petting him. Rudgie is a smart boy and comes bounding over when you whistle. He would be eager to learn much more! He's also easy-going enough that he doesn't mind getting dressed up in hats and other cute outfits. Rudgie was previously sharing his kennel with another dog, so he gets along with other dogs. If you've been looking for a happy Hound, ask to take Rudgie on a walk! From a recent sleepover: "Rudgie went on a field trip yesterday with a buddy! she had nothing but good things to say about him and said he LOVED sniffing everything."