Brice is one of the snuggliest dogs at the shelter right now. He's almost like a cat, in that he will walk over and rub the entire length of his body along your legs (or back and sides, if you're sitting down). He loves to be as close to his person as physically possible! Brice is also a big fan of giving lots and lots of doggy kisses. He also loves toys. Brice plays fetch with people or with himself and likes carrying toys in his mouth as he romps around the yard. The good thing is that while Brice likes to chew on toys, he doesn't destroy them or tear out the stuffing. Brice is also a great leash-walking companion. Even though Brice adores people (including children), he is looking to be the only pet in his home because he isn't fond of other dogs or cats. But Brice will give you all the love you could need! Visit with this boy and see if Brice is the one for you.