Four year old Nina is a gentle girl who likes to cuddle, loves to be brushed, walks nicely on leash and is looking for a calm and loving home to live in - a special home. Usually, when you bring a dog home, it takes years to figure out all the things that make them who they are. Sometimes when they come to us from a family, we know a lot about them as soon as they arrive. Nina was just recently brought to us with a lot of that good information. Her family said she is a runner - she has gotten out of fenced yards and collars, and bolted out doors - she suffers from separation anxiety. Lots of families manage this just fine and even help their dog move past this - but it takes time and patience. They said Nina tends to favor a few people, primarily females. She has been around kids from babies to newborns but can get overwhelmed and nippy if she is bothered too much. She has chronic ear issues and will need professional cleaning every couple months. Thing is, she hates getting it done, so she needs to be sedated (She may outgrow this with good care). All of this is no problem for the right people, we just need to find them. She is a lovely girl and will be the best dog ever for the right family.