I'm chilling in a foster home currently. To inquire about me or to arrange a meeting, please email My name is Nina and I am five years old. I have lived with a foster family and they have found that I enjoy spending time outside. I have been kayaking, camping, and doing a ton of hiking in various places. I even like spending time outside with my foster parents while they tend to their yard. Here are a couple of notes you may want to know about me: Separation anxiety - Yes, I do have it. I do not like to be alone. Overcoming separation anxiety is a work in progress. My current foster parents work from home so I enjoy the company of my foster parents most of the day, which means I get to walk them often. However, they have left me home alone between 3-6 hours on four separate occasions and I have not damaged anything! Nothing! Nada! Before my foster parents leave me home alone they walk me, feed me, and I have access to toys to keep me entertained. And when they return, I walk them again as a reward for my good behavior. Crate trained - No, I am not crate trained and I do not appear to like them. My foster parents report that I fear enclosed spaces - this includes bathrooms, mudrooms, and crates - so the crate is really not my thing. Did I mention that I have not destroyed anything in their home? I have not even played with the multiple plants they have on the floor inside their home nor with their window dressings. Dog reactive - Yes, I do react to some dogs when I am out on walks. I also like to chase squirrels and other critters. At the shelter, I have had no problems playing with other dogs. My foster parents also reported that I do well while on walks at campgrounds where dogs abound. For the most part, I walk well on a leash. My foster parents have found that I like to run on a leash - which may distract me from chasing squirrels and reacting to other dogs. Dashing out the door - I have yet to work on this, but my foster parents are pretty diligent in checking where I am before opening the door. Yes, I did leave the house one time, but that was because my foster mom left the backdoor ajar and I snuck out. Wouldn't you? I took them on an unsolicited brisk walk, but they caught up to me soon after and returned me home. Health - I am healthy. I am taking some meds for joints and I am on prescription diet for allergies. Beggar - No, I do not beg for food. I leave you alone when you eat and respect your space. Isn't' that nice of me? Barky - No, I do not have this trait either. I don't bark just for the sake of barking. You know how some dogs bark, and bark, and bark, and bark? Not me. No, I don't do that. Clingy - No, I do not have this trait. I do like being in the same room as my foster parents, but I do not cling to them. Nor do I jump on people when I meet them for the first time or when my foster parents return home. Rubs and getting groomed - I absolutely love people doing these two things to me! I will roll on my back or melt in your arms if you brush my luxurious white coat. House broken - Of course I am house broken! I have not had any accidents during my stay with my foster parents. I have the outmost respect for their stuff. Come check me out! I will not disappoint.