Jordan has such a sweet, sensitive soul. He can be a little shy and skittish around new people, but when he starts to feel comfortable, he lets you know you know by nudging your hand for pets and then looks at you with the sweetest, "I love you eyes." Jordan walks nicely on the leash and doesn't pull or stray too far from your side. Jordan really loves toys, too! He's great at playing fetch and will run after the toy, pick it up, and drop it on the ground in your general vicinity so you can throw it again. He's also happy to just chew on toys or carry them around the yard. Jordan attends play group regularly and likes the company of calmer, gentler dogs like him; he also loves to just stand by his human friends and give full body wiggles for his favorites; it's adorable! Because Jordan can be nervous around new people, he would do best in an adult-only home with a dog savy owner; slow introductions are key for him! His kennel presence isn't always perfect at the shelter, so he gets passed by a lot; but, we know he is a good boy with a BIG heart, and you're missing out by not meeting him!