Rocko is a big, happy boy. He loves to give doggy hugs, but is gentle enough that he doesn't unintentionally knock you off-balance. In fact, Rocko is a gentle giant overall. He walks great on the leash and doesn't pull at all. When you sit down on a bench, Rocko might put his front paws up next to you and rest his chin on your shoulder while you pet him. Rocko loves to play with toys. He can easily play fetch with himself, tossing a toy high in the air and then catching it. Rocko can jump up high, though, so make sure your nose is out of the way so you don't accidentally get booped! Rocko temporarily lived in a home with cats, a Chihuahua, and teenagers, and got along with all of them. So, he has the potential to live with other dogs, cats, and older children. If you love big dogs consider Rocko.