How cute is Badger?! We absolutely love him. Badger lived at the shelter for a few months, then lived in a few different foster homes, and now in a longer term foster home where he is doing very well. By seeing Badger in multiple different environments, we have been able to figure out what type of home would be best for him. Badger does fabulous with all the other dogs he's been with, from chihuahuas to other pit bull mixes. He has very nice manners with dogs, and they responded really well to it! He loves to play. Badger also wants to play with cats but doesn't quite understand that they aren't the same as dogs. He would probably do best in a home with no cats because he can be too much for them. At the shelter and in some foster homes, Badger showed some concerning resource guarding behavior over food. He is is training with our Enrichment Coordinator, and comes with a free session with a dog trainer. His foster dad reports that he has never seen the resource guarding in his home, and that he does so well in the training exercises! Badger is the perfect combination of active pal and couch potato. He likes to run and play with his dog friends and go on walks, but he also loves to cuddle up on the couch. Something we love about Badger is that he always wants to be close to his favorite people - it's so cute when he sits on their feet! Badger has attended public events and was such a good boy. He loved everyone he met - dog and human, and was so well behaved! The pictures with groups of high school students are just too cute. Since he's in foster care, send an email to set up a meet n greet, and see why we all love Badger!