Jackson is very sweet, friendly, and easy-going. He is a big, strong boy-one of the strongest at the shelter at the moment. Jackson would love to have a big yard to call his own, where he can run a few laps and then play with toys. Jackson is happy to carry a stuffed squeaky toy in his mouth while he romps around, but he also likes to tear out the stuffing when he lies down for a break. Sturdy Kong toys should be part of his future! Jackson walks at a very quick pace on the leash and sometimes wants to chase after squirrels, but not too often. He looks at you with a doggy smile on his face while you pet him. Jackson also attends play groups. Even though he's the biggest dog in the yard, the other dogs enjoy playing with him. So, Jackson could go to a home with or without another dog. If you love big dogs, take time to meet Jackson!