Carlos will immediately put a smile on your face, and that smile will only grow the longer you spend with him. He is so happy, silly, and snuggly. Carlos loves to give doggy hugs and doggy kisses-but he can jump up pretty high in the process, so watch out that he doesn't boop your nose. Carlos is one of the few dogs who will turn down a treat and give the person doggy kisses instead. He particularly likes getting his hips scratched and will lean so far into you that he almost topples over. Carlos loves playing with toys. Tennis balls, rubber balls, stuffed toys-whatever happens to get his attention. He'll happily carry them in his mouth while he runs around the yard, takes a walk, or gets pet. On walks, Carlos prefers running to walking and can pull a bit if you're not keeping up with him. Carlos gets along great with other dogs (though some bigger males aren't as fond of him) and is a play group regular.