Tahini is happy, playful, and snuggly. She will gladly lean against your legs so you can pet her and give you doggy kisses whenever you kneel down to her level. Tahini loves playing with toys, whether it be playing fetch with a person, throwing it in the air herself, or lying down and chewing. She enjoys a mix of stuffed squeaky toys and rubber bouncy balls. Tahini walks nicely on the leash. Where Tahini really shines is in play group. She is a play group rockstar and also a designated "helper dog, which means she plays with dogs who need to better develop their doggy socialization skills and teaches them proper play group etiquette. She's gotten along with every dog she's met so far and can adjust her play style to match that of her playmate. If you're looking for a sweet dog who loves to play with people and other dogs alike but will cuddle with you at the end of the day, be sure to meet Tahini on your next visit to the shelter!