Alfie is so very,very sweet. He is a goofy little guy who walks like a drunk giraffe. Alfie is not a fan at ALL of car rides or crates. He prefers to sleep exactly where he can see you, if not in bed with you. He does not like having anyone's face very close to his and may growl a little. He had to wear diapers when in his foster home, but only because Alfie's previous bladder stone left him with frequent urges to pee, even if only a drop or two comes out. He did not mind the diapers, and held it all night. He became friends with the foster home's resident pooch. They started playing as soon as they finished sniffing each other out. While Alfie is not very into toys, he absolutely loves treats and is obsessed with comfy beds. He always scopes out the nearest bed in a room. Alfie knows how to jump up stairs, but has yet to figure out how to go down them. He will bark to let you know that he wants you to pick him up take him down the stairs. If Alfie likes you, he will rub his face all over you, however he is not big into cuddling. He prefers to just lay quietly and comfortably next to you. Alfie deserves the best possible home with someone who understands his need, his quirks, and is willing to take on any challenges he may throw your way. Alfie is Everything.