BanditandRemmy are the most precious puppies whoare in the wriggly, snuggly puppy stage. They are constantly moving, jumping up to give doggy hugs, attempting to nibble your shirt sleeves, and just overall adorable. They don't have a ton of experience walking on the leash yet, so they can be a little nervous at first and try to walk between your legs. When you kneel down to their level, you will soon find yourself covered in doggy kisses. Bandit and Remmy just want to be close to their person. They are very playful and are happy to play a game of tag with people who run back and forth across the Enrichment Park. Getting "tagged means getting even more kisses. Bandit and Remmy have started participating in play groups and enjoy spending time with other dogs. They're learning proper socialization, though sometimes they still get stuck in their puppy mentality and can annoy the older dogs a bit. Bandit and Remmy don't need to be adopted together since they're so young, but they do make a super-cute pair.