Hazel and Nutella are a sweet, happy, bonded pair that are looking to be adopted together to join a loving home. A couple of the benefits of adopting a bonded pair are that they already have a built-in friend to feel comfortable with as they adjust to their new home, and they also have a built-in playmate to keep them company when you leave the house. Plus, Hazel and Nutella look super cute when they cuddle during naptime! Hazel is the slightly more shy and mellow of the two. She can pull a bit on the leash when she first comes out of her kennel, but settles into being a nice walking companion pretty quickly. Hazel particularly enjoys getting her chin scratched and looks at you with such sweetness and gratefulness. Nutella is more outwardly affectionate and playful. He likes chasing after toys but isn't as interested in picking them up or bringing them back. Nutella will happily romp around the Enrichment Park but often comes back to his person for more snuggles. He may even put his front paws in your lap so you can pet him more. He pulls on the leash during walks a bit more than Hazel does, but not too much. Hazel and Nutella both attend play groups and get along with the other dogs. Nutella engages in actively playing more so than Hazel. If you have the space for two, be sure to say hello to Hazel and Nutella!

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