We think she'd be so easy to train and would love it! She makes great eye contact. She likes to touch when she is walking, she likes to touch when you are sitting, if you are human she likes to touch, touch...... touch. Not a jumpy touch, its a lean touch, in your lap touch. She does great in playgroup with the other dogs! Sadie is a little shy and nervous when you first meet her, but she gets super snuggly once she feels more comfortable. Sadie is a champion leaner. She even spent the first few play groups standing in between the leaders' legs, but has started engaging and playing more. Her "heeler side is coming out and she tries herding the other dogs! Sadieis a nice leash-walking companion who rarely pulls, since she likes to be as close to her person as possible. Her tail can sometimes be tucked, but it starts wagging when you scratch her hips. Sadie is a smart, sweet, athletic girl looking for an active home where she can also cuddle on the couch.