Maisie is definitely still a puppy. She has that playful, happy puppy energy that immediately puts a smile on your face. Maisie is super snuggly and loves to give doggy kisses. When in the off-leash run, she will probably spend most of her time by your side so she can get lots of pets. Maisie also enjoys playing with toys, including both chasing and chewing. Maisieis athletic and could potentially be a great running partner, because she likes to lead the entire way around the woodland preserve trail and only slows to a walk when her person can't keep up anymore. Maisie is a play group regular and has a long list of doggy friends, so she could go to a home with or without another dog. She could also probably go home to a family with children. If you're looking for a happy, playful pup, make sure you meet Maisie!