Toes has pretty much every good quality you could want in a dog. He walks great on the leash, he is friendly and affectionate, he gets along with other dogs of all sizes, and he plays nicely with toys. Toes is a play group rockstar and participates every day. Also, we walked the whole way around the woodland preserve trail next to another volunteer and a tiny Chihuahua and Toes was the perfect gentleman. Toeswill put his front paws in your lap and gives you doggy kisses when you kneel down to his level. He's also content to sit in your lap and get lots of pets. Toes enjoys playing fetch with stuffed toys. He likes to play a bit of tug-of-war before you throw the toy, but he always drops it without being asked when he's ready to fetch again. Toes is the total package. Be sure to say hello to him on your next visit to the shelter!