Cuddly, playful, and smart- Kado is the whole package! His foster family says he self-entertains and loves to flip his toys around the living room. He plays with the other dogs in the house and is learning to share his favorite toys. Dinner time is a breeze since he's learned to sit and wait for his food with the other dogs. He loves when friends come over to watch movies and he gets to collapse in their lap for cuddles. The only thing Kado isn't good at is being handled by the collar and back- like at a vet's office. His foster family has worked on this extensively with him and he is great with being handled by people he is comfortable with, but will need someone to continue this training so that he can safely go to the vet and groomer. Because he needs time to warm up before he tolerates grabbing and hugging, his foster family recommend he go to a family with children over 10 years old and who will understand that he needs time to adjust. If you are interested in meeting Kado, he is at the shelter on Mondays and Thursdays. You can also email his foster mom at