Calling all Shepherd lovers! Are you looking for a new family member? Kylo is a big beautiful 5 year old German Shepherd who is looking for his forever home. He just returned to the shelter after completing 8 weeks of obedience training, where he really excelled. Kylo can walk in heel position, sit, stay, down, and comes when called. He is continuing his training at the shelter and will do best in a home that can commit to training. He does well with structure and likes to work. Kylo participates regularly in our "gentle and dainty playgroup. Although he doesn't do much playing, he enjoys being with and interacting with other dogs. He also had a kennel mate in the past, so we think he would do well living with another dog. He is a strikingly handsome dog who turns heads as he walks by! He will make an amazing, loyal companion. Come meet him today!