“On Dec. 15th, we went to Orphans, ‘JUST TO LOOK’ and get a calendar. We saw a cute little black puppy, sitting, not barking, in kennel 83. You really did train her well on how to use those puppy eyes! We looked at the name and it said MALA. I put my hand out to have her sniff it, and she put her paw out and squeezed my hand, as if saying, ‘It is me, mama!‘ We played with her, and fell in love!

“The people behind the counter were confused when I asked for Mala, but knew what dog I was talking about in cage 83. We went home that night and puppy-proofed the house the best we could because she had to stay to get spayed the next morning. I looked up what Mala meant, and the name ‘Samala’ popped up. I about fell off my chair when I saw what the name meant. ‘Asked of God, Heard from God,’ I kid you not. She is 150% puppy, and pure joy. Our boys give thanks every day for her, for the life she has brought back into our family. She is SO smart.

“We are once again, so thankful, grateful, appreciative, and oh so many more words and feeling for all of you at Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter. You are all God’s Angels here on Earth, and those who adopt a dog or cat from you are so blessed, because of all your hard work.”