Jupiter is one of our longer term dogs, and he's been in a few different foster homes while in our care. Seeing Jupiter in different environments has really helped us learn what kind of forever home he will do best in. He is doing great in his current foster home - here is what his foster parents have to say about him! " Jupiter is an active, playful smart boy who loves to play with his toys, play fetch and chase balls. He loves everyone and especially loves to snuggle with you and have his belly rubbed. ' He did really well on a recent visit with kids taking treats very gently out of their hands. He is very smart and is treat motivated for a few tricks such as sit and down and fetch. Will flourish in a home where he can be the only pet so he can have all your attention to himself. He is housebroken and just gets the job done in whatever weather is present. Everyone comments on how handsome he is; he's a real head turner. One of his foster families did not have a fenced in yard so on the days they can't walk him, he is very happy having free roam in the yard with a lead attached to his collar or harness. He prefers to sleep at night or rest during the day on a fuzzy blanket on the floor over being in a crate