Long-Stay Cats

The cats on this page have been waiting for a family for 90 days or more. Animal shelters are not meant to house cats for long periods of time like this. No matter how much enrichment we provide, the shelter can never take the place of a loving home. 

Some of our long-stay cats are on the shy side and may prefer a quieter home. Others may have special medical needs like diabetes or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). FIV may sound scary, but it just means these cats may have a harder time fighting off infections. Recent research shows that kitties with FIV often have normal life spans. And cats with FIV cannot spread it to other cats by sharing water or food bowls or from mutual grooming. It’s only transferrable through deep bite wounds.

We know there’s a family for every one of these cats, so even if you can’t adopt yourself, please share their profiles on your social media to help them find their people.