"Hi! My name is Blue. I'm a mature lady at 10 years old, but I still have lots of energy for long walks in the park and I love a good tug-of-war with my humans and my favorite toys. I also very much enjoy long naps cuddled next to my humans, especially on rainy days. I walk best with a prong collar as I like to take my time to sniff all the outdoor smells. I've been working with a trainer to be more focused on my foster mom than outside influences like squirrels, bikes and other dogs. I've mastered the squirrels and bikes....still working on the other dogs. I enjoy the run/walks I've been doing with my foster mom to keep my girlish figure. 🙂 I am thriving in my foster home. My foster mom can confirm I am crate trained, housebroken, and take treats nicely! I LOVE pillows and soft blankets. I even have my own pillow in my dog bed. I know sit, stay and paw and I'm a good listened when told other commands. I really am a well- behaved girl. I don't like to be away from my humans so I won't run away or let you go very far but I don't have any separation anxiety. My people can leave the house and I won't chew anything up or scratch things. I just chill when they're away and I'm happy when they return. I would love to have a backyard so I can lay outside in the warm sun, nap and listen to the birds. I am selective with other dogs so I prefer to be the only dog in my forever home. No one is sure what happened in my past, but I do get excited around other dogs. I would like to keep thriving in my forever home with my new humans. My foster mom thinks I'm a "pick me girl so I'm asking you to "CHOOSE ME.....PICK ME....LOVE ME (for fellow Grey's fans). If you would like to meet me, please fill out an application to meet me! Cuddles and kisses Blue (aka Chunky Monkey)"