Look at those ears! She is so sweet with her people and would love to find a family to call her own! Posey is just the snuggliest! She wants to be as close to her people as possible. She loves to give doggy hugs and will happily stand on her back legs for as long as you scratch her ears and sides. She also enjoys getting belly rubs and will climb into your lap and roll over so you can reach all of her favorite spots. Posey is a big fan of giving doggy kisses too, and will cover your face in licks and then rest her chin on your shoulder so you can cuddle even more. Posey is a little pig-like. She snorts and snuffles while she explores around the yard or on the trail, and the noises are the cutest. Posey walks nicely on the leash once she gets her initial burst of energy out of her system and is a good walking buddy on the trail. She loves romping around the yard and will race another dog in the other side of the fence if there happens to be one there. If you are looking for a dog who will never stray far from your side, come in soon to meet Posey!